There are many reasons to have a professional document destruction company shred your sensitive records and documents but ranking right up near the top of the list are security, compliance, convenience and cost-effectiveness.

Security is arguably the No. 1 reason. Using a certified company to shred your documents is one of the most secure ways to ensure that the material is thoroughly destroyed and won’t fall into the wrong hands. Paper Storm is a NAID AAA Certified provider that operates under the highest security standards in the industry. We use the industry’s best equipment and procedures for keeping your sensitive information secure before it’s shredded.

Compliance is right up there with security, in terms of importance. All organizations and businesses must comply with laws and regulations that were enacted to protect certain information when it’s discarded. An increasing number of laws actually require organizations to shred or face steep fines. Paper Storm’s operation meets the requirements of all state and federal privacy laws and helps you guarantee the protection of your company’s, employees’ and customers’ private and sensitive information.

Convenience is another important factor. Shredding in-house or using other means to destroy your records typically requires additional staff time and a disruption in your business. Using a service like Paper Storm, you’ll enjoy the ability to set up a program whereby we stop on a regular basis and shred with minimal disruption to your staff or operation. Our locked and slotted containers make it easy and convenient for your employees to store their sensitive materials between visits. And since we use heavy-duty shredding equipment, you don’t need to remove staples, paper clips, rubber bands or other binders.

Cost-effectiveness: Shredding is an obvious candidate for outsourcing. Paying employees to sit over an office shredder while feeding several pages at a time is probably not a good use of their time or your resources. Office shredders typically don’t hold up to the rigors of even moderate volumes of paper, meaning added costs for maintaining the equipment or replacing it. Hiring a NAID AAA Certified company like Paper Storm is the most cost-effective way to destroy your sensitive records.

What it would take your employee 8-10 hours to shred using an office shredder, we can do in about 10 minutes.