What types of businesses use your service?

A wide variety of businesses use our service, as well as private individuals. We have one- and two-person offices all the way up to large hospitals and medical clinics. Banks, medical facilities, school districts, car dealers, financial consultants, accountants, public utilities, construction companies, municipalities, telecommunication companies, colleges, law firms and grocery stores are among the many different types of businesses we serve. We also stop at residential homes to shred personal material, such as tax records and bank statements.

How do I know my records have been destroyed?

You are invited to watch your files get shredded. Otherwise, after every shredding job, we leave you with a Certificate of Destruction, which is our guarantee that everything was shredded to meet industry standards.

What if I’m only cleaning out files once a year?

We have many customers who call us once or twice a year. For them (and you), our bulk service or walk-up service would be the best fit. Just call us and we’ll set up a time to shred for you at our bulk rate.

Why can’t we just use our weekly recycling service instead?

Recycling services lack the security aspect of a shredding service. Your records stay intact all the way through the process until they get to the recycling mill. So if you’re disposing of sensitive information, it’s available for others to see throughout the entire process.

How does a mobile service like yours differ from an off-site service?

The primary difference is security. With a mobile paper shredding service like Paper Storm, your materials don’t leave your property until they’re completely destroyed. Off-site services will haul your materials from your location to a central shredding facility where they’re destroyed. Sometimes that can be hours away. If their truck gets in an accident, for example, your sensitive material could end up blowing all over the countryside.

What’s your service area?

We’re based in Brainerd, Minn., and serve an area that extends west to Fergus Falls and Alexandria, north to Park Rapids and Bemidji, east to the Iron Range and Duluth, and south to St. Cloud. Click here to view a map of our service area. We will also consider locations outside that area.