To accommodate fast-growing residential and small-business shredding demands, Paper Storm has opened a new facility 4 miles west of Baxter on Hwy 210 with regular hours for residents and businesses to bring in their sensitive and confidential records for destruction.

Paper Storm’s expansion includes a 6,500-foot facility that houses a paper baling operation and shredding service. Using a stationary shredder that shreds paper to the size of confetti, Paper Storm will shred customers’ paper while they watch. Staples and paper clips do nothave to be removed.

The days and hours of operation are:

Tuesdays – Thursdays
9 am – 1 pm

Watch the home page of Paper Storm’s website for any changes as the company will gradually continue to expand this part of the operation. For the location, click the About Us Link above to view a map.

Paper Storm continues to offer its mobile shredding service, whereby we bring our shredding truck to your location and shred your materials right outside your door. That will continue to be the company’s primary operation.

For details of either the mobile shredding service or the walk-up service, call us today at 218-818-3177.