Offering shredding services to meet your needs

Paper Storm is a mobile document destruction service, meaning that all the shredding is done right outside your building. There are three different types of service that we offer: scheduled, bulk and walk-up service. And now we also offer computer hard drive destruction.

Scheduled Service – We have regular routes that are established to meet your regular shredding needs. If your needs call for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even annual service, we’ll work with you to ensure secure and quality service. Customers can use Paper Storm’s locked and slotted containers for free with regular service. The cost for scheduled service is based on the size and number of containers.

Bulk Service – Customers who are purging files, cleaning out old records or don’t require a Paper Storm container can receive bulk service. In those cases, the cost is based on weight and is on a sliding scale, decreasing with higher quantities of paper. Call us for pricing details.

Walk-Up Service
In addition to our mobile service, Paper Storm now offers a walk-up service as well, where customers can bring their materials to us and we’ll shred them in our stationary paper shredder while you watch. This service has a different pricing structure. Check the home page for dates and times for this service and click here for our location.

Computer Hard Drive Destruction
When you retire old computers, don’t leave it to chance that all the information is destroyed, even if you erase or wipe the hard drive. Our Hard Drive Destruction service physically destroys computer hard drives to ensure that information cannot be retrieved. It’s another NAID AAA Certified service offered by Paper Storm.

  • left-cans
  • For regular service, two containers are available. The roll-out bin (left) holds about 200 lbs. of paper. The console holds about 70 lbs. Both are lockable, slotted and can be used for free with regular service.
  • right-cans